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Human bone development in cartilage and mature bone cells are the processes known as ossification, in early adulthood and teenage years most bone begins with cartilage, it becomes converted to bone through a process called ossification.
Blood vessels invade the cartilage and transport osteoprogenitor cells to an area of the bone called the center of ossification. At this site, the cartilage become spongy, leaving behind small cavities. New cells form from the young spongy cells and begin depositing bone tissue, spreading out from the shape of what the new bone structure will be. Through this process, both the spongy textured bone and the smooth outer compact bone forms. New types of bone marrow, dark red and yellow, occupy the spaces in between the newest bone building cell walls. 

In Teenagers the red marrow produces red blood cells while yellow marrow stores in addition to make extra blood cells. Eventually, in compact bone, cells become trapped in their bony cavities, and become osteocytes. Neighbouring osteocytes form connections with each other and thus are able to transfer materials between cells. We aim to replicate this process to help you become taller, you gain more bone in the lower and upper legsThe Microtester Teenager demonstrates this in his personal growth evaluation.

The osteocytes are part of a larger system. These systems are like long tubes, squeezed tightly together in compact bone. Blood vessel, lymph vessels and nerves run through the center of the tube, called the Haversian canal, and are surrounded by layers of bone, called lamellae, which house the osteocytes. Blood vessels are connected to each other by lateral canals. This process can sometimes have detrimental affects on the skeleton, especially in older people under five feet in size. The red blood vessels are also found in spongy bone and when forced into new positions all bones at this stage of development can be made to form longer lengths.

Bone development is a complex process, but it is only half the story. Bones must grow, and they do so via a process called remodeling. We have a secret technique that involves forcing this remodeling to begin again even in adults. Remodeling involves resorption of existing bone inside the bone (enlarging the narrow marrow spacing's) and deposition of new bone on the exterior wall. The resorptive cells are cells that lay down the new bone material. As remodeling progresses in leg long bones, a new center of ossification develops, this one at the swollen ends of the bone, called the epiphysis. A thin film of cartilage called the epiphyseal plate separates the epiphysis from the shaft and is the site of bone deposition.

When growth is complete the spongy area hardens to reform and the cartilage plate disappears, so that the only cartilage remaining is that which lines the joints, called hyaline cartilage. Remodeling does not end as such but slows as people reach their natural height when growth ends completely in late middle age. the body's need for calcium, resorb bone in adults to maintain a calcium balance. This article contains brief information about adults growing tall in height by increasing leg length to make you taller.

Researched medical thesis showed that certain exercise can spike HGH hormone levels quickly and dramatically. A higher level of HGH will act like a natural height supplement in scientific terms thus making you grow taller. Physical anaerobic exercise is known to increase lactic acid levels in the muscle, generating hormone release acting like food to make you taller. 

The ratio of leg height to body size is often used to compare height increase (adults and teenage) programs. Aside from its effect in rising HGH production, combines anaerobic exercise and foods for growing healthy cartilage also increase muscle mass and stimulate tissue growth and bone strength is compounded with weight bearing exercises.

In order to get enhance height fast the optimum levels of hormone must reach a peak for several hours each day. Exercises to increase leg height quickly must be the right type of exercises and perform them properly. The best height increasing exercise to make you taller would be weight training for 2  to 3 hours combined with foods for growing healthy cartilageFinal height for a teens is predicted by using age to a ratio of 1.54 meters divided by your actual size at 13.2 years.

Rapid effects of sex on height increase can occur with substance hgh release at time of second orgasm. This is done by performing high intensity sexual workout for at least 10 minutes to speed up the heart rate. It can also be done by doing exercises in short amounts, The Dutch height growth condition is known to be a direct effect of long sessions of sexual activity

Be careful, a long session intercourse may lower a  release of HGH. As a safety caution, just workout as hard as you can at a time then take rest for the rest of the day to get each Leg area to absorb optimum amount of HGH released in your body.

You can perform any of one of the below height increasing exercises at least two days a week, with good intake of height increasing foods it also causes raised peak HGH levels significantly.

While asking yourself how to grow longer legs or are there any ways to become taller, it is important to understand the effect of actually being tall, as our homepage states

Notice how many short people are happier than their taller counterparts in life.

It is recommended that you perform these simple mental introspective tasks before your anaerobic exercise routine for increased height.
Early morning before blood glucose levels are high is a proven optimum window for gain growth spurts by exercise effect directly. Remember to avoid exercises that cause undue stress on the spine. 

Add exercises that use the most muscle within the leg and can be felt in all leg movements as these will tighten the muscle mass on the bones's within the legs.

Until the late 1990'S it was once thought that an adult will have a very limited option to increase their height since leg and backbone height growth surge has already passed. This is now know to be untrue! One of the options is to perform height increasing exercises to make you taller, but is also applicable to late teenagers also.

Nominal height increasing exercises may increase an adult's height very quickly and significantly. Several height increasing exercises you must try. Lengthening exercises, stretches done while thinking about becoming taller, hanging and swimming to grow taller. These are well proven and used to lengthen your spinal column.

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Bone lengthening to elongate the lower legs and upper legs to gain more height and become taller with more than 3 inches in total growth.

Open the epiphyseal plates on leg bones to force the legs to actually stretch
longer and longer

Combination of Hgh growth hormone and exercises to give more leg length.

Using Pilates exercise to elongate and stretch femur bones and Yoga stretches to give slender longer straighter legs 

Kicking, jumping, swimming, and cycling to increase tibia, tibia and femur length height, jumping rope, sprinting. 

All ideally intended to maximize the length of your upper legs.

Tasks which bring a weight training regimen into your daily life will have an impact on producing your posture to become more upright. 

Chinese ways to increase height for an adult is by improving neck and shoulder posture are becoming all the rage in Asian culture. 

Posture matters too. If you hang your head and shoulders low all the time your spinal muscles will  decrease in length over more time may become shorter and shorter when less flexibility to the neck causes a hunch back type appearance.

A two step plan to make you grow

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