This information reveals 6 ways to gain height after late teens and puberty and if you’re not familiar with them, take a few moments before you consider buying any height increase program.

Companies often market special height supplements on the Internet, and special insoles or pads to place on your feet to help promote more growth by stimulating something within the feet etc. These tend to be expensive but also completely unproven and ineffective. We cannot recommend that you try these secrets to new growth.

HGH, AKA, Human Growth Hormone:
Human Growth Hormone is a combination of hormones released by natural processes within the lower brain cortex of the pituitary gland. This essential mix of hormones is instrumental in growth and muscle mass building in all your leg bones and spinal column bones, HGH has been used in animal testing and is shown to be effective in increasing height and growth in general, but in only a confined laboratory environment. Somatropin is a semi synthetic Hgh currently offered on the market. This is tested using Eliza analysis techniques and has not sucessfully passed phase 3 trials and cannot be recommended. There are a lot of companies selling HGH supplements on the Internet, but these tend to have severe side-effects and are not recommended for human use until further trials reveal more info.

What you intake:
Nutrition and exercise is the safest and the most effective way to experience a natural height increase.  Since it is all natural, you won’t have any negative side effects Good daily intake of whole grains and fruits will provide you with this and when combined with grow taller exercise like leg stretching and a good balanced diet you’ll also be fitter, leaner and healthier.

How to release HGH
To naturally help to open the long leg bones adding growth at the epiphyseal plate or growth plate. Any exercise that forces the leg to stretch in order to accomplish movement will eventually begin to re-open the epiphyseal plate at each end. on the other hand training like weight training and body weight exercises will put weight on the legs and stop these plates from opening. Cycling, squats, Microtest exercise plan, bench presses, sit up presses all take weight off the foot and leg bones

As with all exercise improvements the change is gradual and mainly happens while you sleep. To be more specific sleep is when the body naturally heals its self, as human growth hormone is released during sleep to repair the trauma caused by the exercise it is actually a by-product that the legs stretch longer to meet the new needs of the specific exercises.

Height Increasing Surgery:
Known as limb lengthening surgery in medical terms. An expensive painful and very risky venture indeed. Health insurance in the USA and Europe will not cover this type of surgery as it is considered cosmetic. Leg extending operations are a very last resort if all else has failed including simple temporary measures like wearing high heel shoes or shoe inserts. Warnings from Japan and China where recent investigations have revealed the leg operation and can take almost an year to recover from. Many patients have experienced decreased leg function after the procedure.

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